Mario Govic

Position: Wealth Advisor

Govic Capital provides a wide range of investments at the leading edge of sophistication with a high degree of objectivity.

Our selective client base allows for improved personalized service. This group consists of high-net worth families, CEOs of public and private corporations, medical professionals, endowments, foundations, family-owned businesses and individuals with complex trusts.

We utilize a value-based approach with emphasis on capital preservation and income. This is accomplished through the firm discipline of understanding the downside risk as well as the upside potential of each investment.

Our emphasis is on wealth preservation and multi-generational planning. We can also assist with insurance, annuities and employee benefit programs.

Personalized investment services for high-net worth individuals and families, medical professionals, family-owned businesses and complex trusts
Endowment and foundation advising
Standard financial advising on individual stocks, mutual funds and ETFs
Unique alternative investment access
Wealth preservation for multi-generational planning
Insurance annuities
Employee benefit programs