As an advisor with ARETE, you have the power to create custom financial solutions for your clients that combine the best of traditional strategies with innovative, exclusive offerings. Even so, you may wonder whether your clients will make the transition with you.

Your ARETE Transitions team is experienced in guiding advisors through every step of asset transfer. They are focused on providing a seamless and accurate conversion so you can remain focused on your clients.


ARETE is proud of our multi-custodial and clearing platform that includes First Clearing, Fidelity, Pershing, Raymond James, TD Ameritrade, Axos and Charles Schwab. These partners can provide access to a wide range of financial products, technology options, educational resources, thought leadership, and industry insights.

We encourage you to work with your Arete Transitions team to ensure your staff is trained on the right platforms, and to develop a working relationship that will allow you to get the most out of your custodian as your practice evolves.


Your Transitions Specialist will provide a sample resignation letter for you to send to your current Broker Dealer. You will submit this letter to your current firm before we submit your U4. Be sure to retain a copy for your records.

It can be helpful to leverage the expertise and resources of your custodian to drive a seamless transition with your clients.



Complete Client Asset Review

Your Transitions Specialist will conduct an asset acceptability review with you to understand which assets will transfer. If the accounts are eligible, your Transitions Specialist will assist you in preparing the paperwork and provide you with the materials and resources you need to transfer your client accounts. The forms sent out will be signature-ready and prepared accordingly to simplify and expedite your transition.

2. Send Client Packets and Announcements

Once you deliver your letter of resignation, you’re ready to start your client communication strategy! Capitalize on the excitement of your launch day—and answer frequently asked questions—by deploying this key content:

  • Send out announcements to inform clients and contacts that you’ve joined Arete. With these announcements, we will enclose transfer applications and additional documents as necessary based on client accounts.
  • Use the materials provided by your Transitions Team to help educate your clients about your move and to explain how it benefits them.
  • When your clients return their signed packets, your Transitions Specialist will review and assist you in the account opening process.

Transfer Client Assets

Your Transitions Specialist will track and oversee the account transfer and opening process. At this point you will receive user access credentials to all the appropriate systems so you can help monitor the incoming change of B/D requests and review client account applications.