Seven Questions with Tony Sirianni: Josh Rogers, Founder and CEO, Arete Wealth

AH: The last few months have been unprecedented and unexpected, a perfect storm if you will, of management challenges both on the employee and client level. You have had to deal with employee safety issues that no CEO has training for, a complete shift in how we do business every day, and  directly correlated market upheaval. What have you implemented at your firm to address this dual threat–Take coronavirus first:

JR: Arete Wealth has 35 branches across the nation, and our home office in Chicago supports each of them. We stay in sync with state mandates, city ordinances and other pandemic-related precautions happening at local levels. Those ordinances are heeded and enforced. For our own headquarters where I am based – as well as across the country – we have implemented work-from-home policies employees can utilize to ensure their safety. Virtual meetings were normalized before, but are more important than ever to keep us connected to our advisors, their offices, and their investors. 

It goes without saying the health of our teams and their communities is a top priority. As we continue to standardize health and safety measures in our workplaces, we are grateful to be moving ahead through these times.

AH: How about the continuing market volatility? What are you telling your advisors to do/ what are you hearing from clients?

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