Arete Lifestyle Services

What is the Arete Lifestyle Services program?

Investing, collecting and protecting your personal interests

Arete Lifestyle Service integrates wealth management success with an exploration of your personal passions and tastes. The finer things in life are meant to be appreciated, so whether you’re an experienced aficionado or an interested novice, our expert advisors will find the right lifestyle investments at the right value for you.


What services are offered? 

Our advisory service takes a balanced approach to smart lifestyle investing while recognizing your emotional connections. We also specialize in helping you insure and protect your existing or newly-acquired lifestyle assets.

We’re also building an “Exotics and Luxury Autos” offering, which assists with procuring, shipping and storing assets in your car collection. Finding the right ‘ride’ as an investment can be a wild ride, and our experts can counsel you through every phase.


Established fine art consultation and collecting with Patti Gilford
Ryan-KortmanEmerging fine art consultation and collecting with Ryan Kortman
Vintage and emerging wine consultation and collecting with Steve Morgan
Fine art and wine value assessment and protection with Sandra Berlin


What does it cost?

Arete Wealth clients do not pay a subscription fee for our Lifestyle Services. Subscribers will enjoy email newsletters, exclusive event invitations and more, free of charge.

If you decide to explore additional opportunities to purchase art or wine through this program, your advisor will walk you through any associated costs for their consultation, services or goods.

How do I get started?

Just email our Lifestyle Services curator, Nate Moster, at We’ll set up a time to discover more about your lifestyle passions and match you with the services recommended for you.

A guided tour through art, wine, luxury automobiles and more awaits you!